Phil Jackson Takes Thinly-Veiled Shot at Carmelo Anthony

Phil Jackson has never shied away from criticizing Carmelo Anthony’s game, and he was back at it with a Tuesday afternoon tweet.

The Knicks’ team president, who is trying to unload the nine-time NBA All-Star, appeared to be in agreement with an article sniffing about Melo supposedly lacking the will to win.

What a debacle.

Per the NY Times:

Jeff Hornacek and Phil Jackson sat on a bench alongside the court at the Knicks’ practice complex Tuesday afternoon, some 15 hours after the team’s season had reached its low point in a humiliating loss at home to the woeful Los Angeles Lakers.


The two men talked, and they definitely had plenty to discuss, with the Knicks’ season increasingly looking like a full-fledged fiasco.


Asked about his courtside huddle with Jackson, Hornacek said that Jackson, like everyone else in the organization, was not pleased with what was going on. […] “Who would be satisfied?” Hornacek said. “Everybody is looking for the answers and what we can do to get better. He’s trying to analyze it, I guess, and let us know what he sees. That’s all year long we’ve been trying to work together.”

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