Phil Jackson Thinks Ron Artest Will Be Suspended for Game 3

by May 05, 2011

Ron-Ron’s frustration bubbled over last night as he clotheslined JJ Barea in the dying moments of the Mavericks’ Game 2 win in L.A., an act that the NBA will likely not take lightly. Just ask Charles Barkley and Phil Jackson. From the LA Times: “After watching a clip of Lakers forward Ron Artest clothesline Dallas guard Jose Barea in the closing seconds of the Lakers’ 93-81 Game 2 loss Wednesday to the Mavericks, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson conceded there’s a ‘good chance’ Artest will be suspended for Game 3 on Friday. ‘It’s uncalled for,’ said Jackson, a rare admission considering he often argues on his players’ behalf when certain ejections shouldn’t result in a suspension. ‘It’s a good chance he’ll be suspended, but I hope not.’ The league office, according to NBA rules, will consider the following factors in determining whether to classify a foul flagrant 1 or 2, reclassify the flagrant foul and impose a fine and/or suspension: ‘how hard the foul was; the outcome of the foul (e.g., whether it led to an altercation); and the level of the injury sustained by the player who was fouled.'”