Phil Jackson Unhappy With Shannon Brown’s Play

Get in line with the rest of Laker Nation, Phil. The Press-Enterprise reports: “Before Sunday’s game with Oklahoma City, he voiced specific concerns about guard Shannon Brown. ‘Shannon has not been playing very well,’ Jackson said. And why is that? ‘I don’t know,’ he said. ‘I leave that up to my assistant coach who’s in charge of that group of guys that he has, to kind of talk to him.’ (That would be Brian Shaw, who works with the guards). Brown, who shot extremely well early in the season, has declined in scoring average and shooting percentage for each of the last three months: from 9.1 points and 43 percent in January to 8.5 and 41 percent in February to 6.8 and 40 percent in March. In the five April games before Sunday, the guard was averaging 5.2 points and shooting 32 percent. ‘People are making him shoot a little bit farther out,’ Jackson said. ‘They’re making him rush his shot a little bit more. Those are some of the things that are curtailing his offense. And his reputation’s gone around, so now he’s got to make the adjustments. … We’re hopeful, though, that it’s going to develop.'”