Phil Jackson Wants Pau Gasol to ‘Inflict Some Pain’

by November 19, 2010

Here’s the latest from the Zen Master’s never-ending prodding of his best post player. The OC Register has the quotes: “You have to take it in your own hands,’ Jackson said. Jackson mentioned how Kobe Bryant is effective with his aggressiveness toward defenders, and Gasol should be also to take his game to another level. ‘I told him there is a way to do that,’ Jackson said, ‘where the player you’re going against will understand that you have to take care of your own territorial rights.’ Jackson said even such a nice guy as Gasol needs to ‘inflict some pain sometimes. That’s just the warrior mentality that you have to have … It’s not anything that’s wrong and it’s not anything that makes you a bad person to do. It’s the code of behavior we have in this game. That’s where he has to take the next step.'”