Philadelphia Sixers Hired Julius Erving as a Strategic Adviser

by May 07, 2012

The Sixers brought the legendary Dr. J back into the fold, by hiring him as an adviser of sorts. Reports the Philly Daily News: “Before Friday’s Game 3 against the Chicago Bulls, the 76ers trotted out legendary Julius Erving to present the ceremonial first ball. At halftime, they gave him a job. Sixers CEO Adam Aron announced that Erving would oversee the newly created position of strategic adviser. Erving put it best as to what that exactly means: Owner Josh Harris ‘called me on various occasions for free. Now he’s going to have to pay me.’ Erving said he would discuss anything and everything with the organization ‘from sponsors to players.’ When pushed further whether he will have a say in trades, Aron interrupted and clarified that this is just a new job to get Erving back to the team for which he played 11 seasons, culminating with an NBA title in 1983. ‘It means being available, obviously being knowledgeable and being able to impart that knowledge at specific times, which for Adam and myself and Josh and myself would pretty much be on demand on request,’ said Erving. Erving said he would maintain his residence in Atlanta but come to Philadelphia when needed.”