Philadelphia Sixers Tie Record With 26th Consecutive Loss

The basketball freakshow that was the 2010-‘11 Cleveland Cavaliers are now tied with this year’s Philadelphia Sixers for the most defeats in a row at 26. Sixers management’s tanking plan is working to perfection, while the coaches and players are just waiting for the offseason to begin. Per and the Houston Chronicle:

(Sixers GM) Sam Hinkie ducked into the media dining room to grab a small plate of fajitas and headed quickly toward the door.

A friend asked him if he was hiding out.

“People want to see me either gnashing my teeth or beating my chest,” he said. “I’m not gnashing my teeth.”

And by the way, as bad as the Sixers have been, streak and all, they’re still a game up on Milwaukee in the standings.

It just makes no sense to be hopelessly stuck in the middle of the pack, maybe nibbling at the No. 7 or 8 playoff spots with no real hope of ever planning a championship parade down Main St.

Which is why first-year head coach Brett Brown said he doesn’t have the inclination to feel bad for his players who haven’t won a game since Jan. 29 at Boston and could be all alone in the history books if the streak hits 27 at home on Saturday against the Pistons.

“I won’t,” Brown said. “It’s part of everybody trying to execute a way where we can rebuild our program and this is one of the unfortunate byproducts that has come our way. I think that if we had sprinkled our 15 wins in perhaps a little bit differently, where it wouldn’t have received as much attention as it seems to being receiving, well, fair enough. Everybody’s doing their job. We haven’t changed our tune or changed our message because of that.

“It goes back to what we said from Day One. We’re trying to find keepers that can move the program forward and I think we’re doing that.

“I knew what I signed up for. This is no shock. I had the opportunity to research this position for several months and I like the risk-reward. I think that if we can ever get it right in such a fantastic city, the city will come out and support us.

“I respect that the people, the fans, follow us and we want to do the right thing by our city. We want to come out and play hard and have people be proud of our efforts. This year is not about that side of the judgment. We’re judged by different measurements this year. It isn’t winning or losing. I feel like my guys come in and they bring their ‘A’ efforts.”

“I just think during the game a couple of guys had long faces including myself and I found myself a little bit down,” rookie Michael Carter-Williams said. “I just don’t want anyone in this locker room feeling bad for themselves. We’re on the court and we’re playing. I just told them that each and every game from here on out, we’ve got to go out swinging.”

Philadelphia coach Brett Brown said seeing the leadership of Carter-Williams following the win was a small win for the team. And those are something he is collecting this season.

“We’re trying to grow something and build something,” Brown said. “And the short term pain which we hope is going to produce long term gain, we think that this will fade to a distant memory in September and we are staying strong with our approach. I am proud of the guys for what they have done and that’s the lens we look at through.”