Philadelphia Sixers Waive JaVale McGee

by March 02, 2015

UPDATE: The Philadelphia Sixers made it official Monday afternoon.

The JaVale McGee Era in Philly did not last very long.

According to multiple published reports, despite his stated wish to remain a Sixer, Philadelphia has cut ties with the big fella.

JaVale, who came over in a deadline day trade from the Denver Nuggets, will be eligible to join a Playoff-bound team.


… USA Today reported early Monday that McGee was able to secure his release from the Sixers without surrendering any of next season’s $12 million salary or what’s left of this season’s $11.25 million.


The Sixers took on the substantial remaining money on McGee’s contract from the Denver Nuggets on trade-deadline day in a deal that also netted them a future first-round pick. McGee has played sparingly since joining Philadelphia and realistically had no future there, given the presence of young center Nerlens Noel and two highly rated frontcourt lottery picks, Joel Embiid and Dario Saric, who have yet to play for Philadelphia.


“I don’t want to get bought out,” McGee told local reporters shortly after the trade. “That’s not a positive thing. When you think about it, you don’t get all of your money when you get bought out. […] So it doesn’t make sense why someone would want to get bought out unless they are older — older and they want to go to a contender or something. I’m not that old. I just want to play basketball.”