Phoenix Suns Bought ‘Beat.LA’ Website Domain Name

Perhaps thinking that a true rivalry exists between them and the Los Angeles Lakers, the Phoenix Suns have curiously purchased the domain name “Beat.LA”. Per Domain Name Wire and the LA Times: “As for the Phoenix Suns, the NBA team bought for $5,300. GoDaddy just started a marketing push to help brand .la as the domain name for Los Angeles, even though it’s the country code domain for Laos. This is a clever domain for the Suns to drum up their rivalry. […] Technically the ‘.la’ is a country code for Laos, but it’s somewhat of a creative loophole. The Lakers may not actually consider Phoenix a rival, but rivalries are not always a two-way street. The Suns may be able to double-up their usage on their new registration with the Clippers now a power in the Pacific Division. Phoenix is coming off of a difficult season, winning just 25 games to finish 15th in the Western Conference. The ‘’ registration may be more of a long-term investment.”