Phoenix Suns Know 2-0 Lead Isn’t Totally Safe

by May 07, 2010

This is what happens when, despite a big lead in the series, a team still doesn’t quite know if they can beat their Playoff nemesis. They play it safe with the media, and give cautious analysis of where things stand. The AZ Republic has the quotes: “They’re an incredible team that has been there before,’ Suns guard Steve Nash said. ‘They’re as well-coached as anybody who has ever been in this league, so we know what they’re made of and we’ve got to match it.’ The Spurs are 0-4 this season at Phoenix but that problem can wait until a potential Game 5. For now, the Suns will draw motivation from their only visit of the season to San Antonio – a 113-110 loss on Feb. 28 with Jason Richardson missing a last-minute dunk attempt to tie. But even in that game, Phoenix scored 110 points. San Antonio has given up 110 this season in 14 games, five of which were by Phoenix. ‘We feel like we haven’t done anything,’ Suns forward Grant Hill said. ‘All we did was win at home. I’m sure a lot of people still feel San Antonio is going to win. We’ll manage to keep that underdog mentality when we talk among each other. If they win Game 3, now they have momentum. We learned a lot from last series.”‘