Phoenix Suns Owner ‘Disappointed’ By Home Schedule

by December 07, 2011

Robert Sarver read through the NBA schedule last night when it was released, and he’s not happy that many of the Eastern Conference’s top teams won’t be making their way to Phoenix, since that represents a big financial loss at the ticket counter. From the Arizona Republic: “Phoenix is the only team that will not have a home game this season against Boston, Chicago, Miami, New York or Orlando. ‘I was disappointed for our fans,’ Suns Managing Partner Robert Sarver said. ‘When the preliminary schedule came out, I asked the league to reconsider and they didn’t. You’ve got to factor in all the arenas and timelines, and they weren’t able to move dates around.’ Although some West teams are visiting only once this season, Phoenix will get two home games against the Lakers, Mavericks, Clippers and Spurs, Sarver noted. Eleven of the other 14 West teams play at least three of those five top East teams at home. Golden State and Oklahoma City host all five attendance boosters. Houston did not fare much better than Phoenix, getting New York at home but not Boston, Chicago, Miami or Orlando. ‘For the most part, the schedule is computer-generated by a consulting firm that does schedules for the NHL and NBA,’ Sarver said. ‘Unfortunately for us, given the short schedule, we’re not going to see some of the elite teams in the East.’ The Suns will be on ESPN or ESPN2 nine times this season and twice on TNT (home vs. Dallas and the Clippers).”