Phoenix Suns ‘Welcome’ Disrespect vs. Lakers

Most media members have already penciled the Lakers into the NBA Finals, something that some Suns say they welcome. For instance, Jason Richardson, speaking to the Arizona Republic: “The latest jab came from Bill Plaschke, a Los Angeles Times columnist and ESPN personality who wrote Monday after the Lakers swept Utah that ‘the Phoenix Suns have no chance.’ Ouch. ‘We love comments like that,’ Suns guard Jason Richardson said. ‘We invite comments like that.’ … ‘It’s Stoudemire and Frye … is it Frye?’ (Ron) Artest asked. ‘It’s all good,’ Frye said. ‘I don’t care what anybody says ever. If it was up to everybody, we wouldn’t even be in the playoffs. They can say whatever they want. They still got to play us and he’s gonna know my name by the end of the series.’ … ‘People were saying the same thing going into the San Antonio series,’ Grant Hill said. ‘Some were even saying the same thing going into Portland. I think we kind of like it. We kind of like the fact that we’re underdogs. That kind of motivates us.'”