Pierce’s Pain, Surgery Sideline Him

by December 24, 2009

by Tzvi Twersky

There’s some evil voodoo surrounding this year’s Indiana Pacers team; at least that’s what the Boston Celtics must be telling themselves.

Weeks after Marquis Daniels started having thumb issues while playing against Indiana and a day after Kevin Garnett sat out a game against the Pacers in Boston with a bruised thigh, Paul Pierce  found himself on an operating table.

One day after scoring 16 points in the fourth quarter in a win over the Pacers,  suffering from pain, stiffness and swelling in his knee, Paul Pierce underwent a procedure to drain an infection. According to quotes in a CSSNE story, Pierce underwent “drainage” not “surgery.”

According to Danny Ainge: “It’s nothing structural, and it’s a guess, but they are saying two weeks. I’m always worried when a player gets hurt but the good news is there was no structural (damage).”

Regardless of how minor the damage, according to the Boston Globe, Pierce will miss two weeks.

So while Kevin Garnett may be back as soon as friday, the Cs will be without Pierce for at least the next five to seven games.

With Marquis Daniels and Glen Davis also sidelined, the Celts will need more production from the remaining active players, specefically Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins and Rasheed Wallace during their absences.

Aside from the young players’ injuries (Davs is 23, Daniels 28), with Pierce being 32 and Garnett 33, the Celts and their fans came into the season hoping that age, attrition and injury wouldn’t hinder the team. So far, with a 21-5 record, the season is progressing nicely. But as the injuries begin to pile up, Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers have to be shuddering and shivering.

And I don’t mean from New England’s frigid winter weather.