Pippen on MJ: ‘We all know he’s the greatest’

Pip’s backing off his comment, but frankly, we still wonder if Scottie still thinks LeBron may be the best player ever: “After the Bulls lost to the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, former Bull Scottie Pippen said LeBron James, not his former teammate Michael Jordan, may be the greatest basketball player ever. Pippen backed off those comments Friday, saying they were taken out of context as he simply was trying to praise James. ‘There’s nothing really to say,’ Pippen said. ‘The comments I made were basically giving LeBron some props as a player, not to dismantle any player like Michael. We all know he’s the greatest player who ever played the game. It was taken a little out of context. I was doing more of a conclusion from the statistics more than the accolades.'”