Pistons Coaching Candidates: Mike Woodson … Isiah Thomas?

Mike Woodson is considered a leading candidate to replace John Kuester in Motown, but according to the Detroit News, it wouldn’t be wise to rule out Pistons legend Isiah Thomas: “There are some interesting names, though, as most believe the Pistons will go for a more experienced head coach this time around, after the failures of Kuester and Michael Curry (2008-09). Mike Woodson is probably the leading candidate at this point. Woodson was on Larry Brown’s staff in 2003-04 when the Pistons won the NBA title, along with Kuester. Woodson went on to take over a young team in Atlanta and took the Hawks to the precipice of the elite. More important than the Hawks’ steady improvement, though, was the development and maturity of his players. Woodson took a talented but raw Josh Smith, drafted straight out of high school, and although the two had their moments, Smith matured into a productive, if not consistent player … Isiah Thomas also could have a formal chat with Dumars. The former backcourt mates speak regularly, and during Thomas’ last visit to The Palace, during Dennis Rodman’s jersey retirement, he was in Dumars’ suite. Thomas’ issues have been well-documented during his time in New York, although it should be noted the Knicks were a mess well before he set foot in Madison Square Garden. Thomas does have experience in developing young players during his time as an executive in Toronto and as head coach in Indiana. While Thomas’ interest level isn’t known, he still feels a strong emotional bond with the team and the city of Detroit.”