Report: Pistons ‘Found Little Interest’ in Andre Drummond on Trade Market

by September 22, 2017
andre drummond pistons trade

The Detroit Pistons have reportedly “found little interest” in Andre Drummond since making their 24-year-old center available last season.

According to ESPN’s Zach Lowe, Drummond’s regression on defense has hurt his trade value.

The Pistons sniffed out the Drummond trade market for much of the winter, and found little interest, sources told ESPN then.


We know what Drummond is on offense, or what he should be: a dive-and-dunk rim-runner who inhales offensive rebounds before the regular humans around him even get off the ground. Those players have value, even in the era of pace-and-space and stretch centers.


But a lot of their value has to come on defense, and that is where Drummond regressed. He played with low energy, and often let both his man and the ball slip behind him — leaving the rim naked.

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