PJ Tucker Arrested for ‘Super Extreme DUI’

by July 29, 2014

Back in May, Phoenix Suns swingman PJ Tucker was arrested for what Scottsdale police considered “super extreme DUI”. Tucker inked a three-year, $16.5 million contract with the Suns this summer. Per the AZ Republic:

Tucker’s blood alcohol content registered at .201 on a preliminary breath test in the field on May 10, according to Scottsdale police. A driver is considered legally drunk for a DUI charge in Arizona at .08 blood-alcohol content. A blood test administered after Tucker was taken to jail and later analyzed by Arizona DPS showed his blood alcohol-content to be .222, according to the police report. A super extreme DUI is .20 or more.


A Scottsdale police officer reported spotting Tucker, 29, driving his 2011 Mercedes-Benz slowly through a stop sign at North Buckboard Trail and East Camelback Road, near a popular downtown Scottsdale nightlife area. According to the report, the vehicle ran that stop sign northbound at about 12:30 a.m., turned wide left into the right lane on westbound Camelback and turned wide again while straddling two lanes on northbound Scottsdale Road before the officer pulled the vehicle over.


Tucker was cited for a stop sign violation and four counts for varying degrees of DUI charges, including a regular DUI (.08 blood alcohol content or greater) and an extreme DUI (.15 blood alcohol content or greater). The most severe of the counts was a super extreme DUI charge that carries a minimum 45-day sentence. If prosecuted for super extreme DUI, that would carry a minimum 45-day jail sentence, although it can be reduced significantly by installation of an ignition interlock device and home arrest.