Players Reject NBA Offer; Willing to Negotiate Tomorrow

by November 08, 2011

With about 24 hours to go before David Stern’s drop-dead deadline, the NBPA and its players met and rejected the League’s latest offer. But despite the bad news, the players did hint that they’re aren’t too far way from an agreement and hope the Commissioner will meet with them tomorrow to close out the deal. From CBS Sports: “The NBPA and its player reps, as well as just players that wanted to be there, 43 total, met Tuesday in New York for a little more than three hours to discuss a myriad of issues including voting on the NBA’s proposed deal as well as presumably, decertification. Though Billy Hunter said there was “very little” discussion on the latter. And the message was clear: The deal the NBA proposed is still unacceptable. But it’s not too far off and could be something the players could work with if they got another bargaining session.”