Better Prospects

by Drey Wingate / @ProStatus85

It’s always great to see new trends in the world of fashion. What makes this brand unique is what it stands for. Life’s Journey is a clothing line built to help unite people and help them understand their potential. You can never get too much positive energy.

Kentucky based entrepreneur Chris Hudson, CEO of Life’s Journey is creating not only a brand, but a way of life. It is a movement of individuals who are working to inspire others to move forward with their dreams and ambitions regardless of reoccurring obstacles. For many brands it’s about the design, but for Hudson, it’s more about the meaning of each piece. Hudson describes the line as a community of people aiming to guide others and wants those who wear the brand to feel like they are a part of something.

“With Life’s Journey, I want to be able to provide a way for the youth to do something other than what is expected. Even if we don’t make it as a company, I still want to continue to motivate, hold seminars, reach out to and connect with people. Anything that is uplifting to others, I’m all for it. It’s not about us, it’s about the process of bettering people,” said Hudson.

The collection consists of both men’s and women’s attire that contains inspirational quotes and motivational statements to live by. Other than keeping those who rock the brand fresh with their fly designs, Life’s Journey also strives to dress people on the inside as well. The line is also worn and supported by NBA guards Jodie Meeks and rookie Shelvin Mack, who Hudson is good friends with.

SLAMonline was able to link up with the young entrepreneur to see how much of an effect the game of basketball has on his company…

SLAM: You recently had NBA rookie Shelvin Mack and Sixers guard Jodie Meeks conduct interviews in some of your latest pieces. That’s a big deal. How did you make that happen?

Chris Hudson: Yeah. Shelvin is the homie. We’re actually from the same hometown so it’s all love. We have been working with each other for a while. Also I just partnered with YellowWhite Films to promote our mini profile series giving you an inside look of different individuals lives speaking about their Life’s Journey. We just wrapped up one with Jodie Meeks (see video below—Ed.). Meeks is also the homie as well and I believe he is going to have a great year as well.

SLAM: Your line consists of a lot of philosophical sayings and positivity, how important of a role do you think your line plays in the daily life of an athlete?

CH: I would say every day. Life is a challenge especially if you’re a person who is constantly working toward your purpose. So I try to use sayings such as, “Grind Hard Pray Daily” to help uplift you throughout the process. All I did was pray and ask God to point me in the right direction and I believe He is doing just that.

SLAM: Which athlete or athletes inspire you when it comes to ideas for your designs?

CH: I would say Kobe for his relentless work ethic and the reigning MVP Derrick Rose. I like to view it as a lasting impression, and present progression. Everything they have accomplished has paved the way for people like me to try and accomplish my goals and aspirations.

SLAM: Who is your favorite basketball team and why?

CH: The Lakers, the reason why is because I’m a devoted Kobe fan.

SLAM: If you could choose one NBA player to be the face of your clothing line who would it be and why?

CH: I like Kevin Durant and Kobe. But it’s only right that I go with the hometown homie Shelvin Mack. Just watching him throughout the years develop not only his game but his character as a person speaks a lot of volume about him. I believe he has a lot to prove and I know he is ready.