Prank War: Donte Greene vs Bobby Jackson

After the rook’s stunt, Bobby’s revenge might include a missile launcher: “This mixture of dog food, soy sauce, ketchup, and mustard left an awful stench on the vet’s ride. There was chocolate on the car, too, with one ingredient being added by Jackson after the damage was done: hot water. It’s safe to say the downright foolish gutsy move has Greene in serious trouble with Jackson, which is no small thing since B-Jax is the type who always gets the last punch word in when it comes to these sorts of exchanges. Jackson had even put the warning out there the day before, saying on in a KHTK interview with Grant Napear and Mike Lamb that he would ‘have (Greene’s) car be missiled (as in hit with a missile)’ if the youngster messed with his car.”