Pro-Am League Suspends Matt Barnes 1 Game for Throwing Punch

by August 09, 2011

Pretty sure this is the first time in history that an NBA player has been suspended by a Pro-Am league. Congrats, Matt Barnes! From ESPN: “On Monday, the Pro-Am league announced on its Facebook page that Barnes had been suspended. ‘Matt Barnes Suspended from Game 1, Monday, of Finals,’ the Facebook post read. The good news for the Lakers is that Barnes, who struggled with a knee injury last season, is healthy enough to be playing. He told Andy and Brian Kamenetzky on 710 ESPN that he’s ‘about an 8′ on a scale of 1-10. (The knee’s) starting to come along,’ he said. ‘There were some complications that we kind of kept to ourselves on my comeback (during the regular season). I ended up pinching a nerve in my back on the same side as my knee, and it ended up making my knee swell and really hurt. I just couldn’t do anything. I was icing constantly and at the same time trying to strengthen it, but if I strengthened it I started to swell. … We were hoping in the playoffs it would feel better, but it felt even worse. We took about 10 weeks off after the season, got all the swelling out, all the pain out, and now we’re starting to rebuild it. Everything’s feeling a lot better now.'”