Quotes From Today’s Practice

Odom on his scoring slump—– “ Well I know I can do better than scoring 14 and then 10 and not having the opportunity to stay on the floor. I’m probably fouling too much which can attribute to a scoring slump if you want to call it that”

Sasha Vujacic on why he is called The Machine– –“ I have answered this question probably 50 zillion, million times but that doesn’t matter. A TV analyst said it and the fans picked it up and it carried on. Its ok, I have nothing against it. People recognize me as a machine now so it’s ok.

Jordan Farmar on bench heroics—“We made the right rotations in game 3 instead of just running around like chickens with our heads cut off”

Derek Fisher on his lack of statistical output so far in the Finals—“who cares about stats, man to be honest. My 3 rings have nothing about field goals percentage on them they just have world champions and that’s what the goal is”

Derek Fisher on the Donaghy revelations—–“ I remember we won the game. It’s hard for me to comment on things that another person is stating happened. I don’t know how, I know he’s saying that but is he saying that because we shot more free throw than them? How do you determine if the game is rigged? It’s a tough situation for him and for everyone involved….. Nothing jumps out. I don’t remember at any moment thinking that they’re helping us out here. Games are called differently every night. It depends on the ref crew and how teams are playing. Lets say they give us Game 6, what about Game 7? We still had to go and play the next game and I know I’m not gonna give my ring back I know that”

Rondo on his injury status——“ It swolled up a little bit. When I first woke up this morning I almost fell out of bed. I never had an injury like this. It’s a bone bruise not a sprained ankle so I’ll just tape it up tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I’ll be ready to play tomorrow”

Leon Powe on why he’s called The Old Man—–“ back in the day my coach at Oakland Tech where I was playing, my coach used to say it when I was grabbing rebounds and pushing little kids outta the way they called me a grown man but they was my age so I didn’t have nothing to do with that”

Kendrick Perkins after being asked by a reporter if his ankle was hurting since he hadn’t been productive—-“what do you mean?! I feel like I’ve been doing my role, I don’t know what else you want me to do…”

PJ Brown on playing in Israel years ago—-“it was very interesting. I can’t go into too much detail. I went there for a couple of weeks but things didn’t work out but I enjoyed Jerusalem and I enjoyed Tel Aviv. Its very nice over there, being in Jerusalem man that’s the holy land”