Rafer Alston and ‘Title Hunt’ are Being Discussed in Orlando

by February 20, 2009

In the same phrase, no less: “The beauty of this deal is the Magic really gave up nothing — benchwarmers Brian Cook and Adonal Foyle and a future draft pick — of immediate value. In return, they actually got a decent starting point from a contending team. They got a player who at least gives them a chance to contend right now for a championship in the wake of Jameer Nelson’s season-ending shoulder injury. ‘We can’t, as general managers, expect our fans to say wait until next year,’ Otis Smith said. ‘I think it’s important for our fans to know that just because we lost Jameer, we’re not sitting back on our thumbs. … Rafer gives us an opportunity to get better and get back to competing for a title. That’s what it’s about for me.'”