Rafer Alston Rips Teammates

When he’s out there playing, Skip just wants to feel (and hear) some love from his teammates. He doesn’t ask for much: “They had already cornered the NBA’s market on tough times, losing their first 18games to set a record. But what especially rankled Alston last night was seeing teammates fail to pull for each other before an announced crowd of 10,005 at the Meadowlands. ‘It’s mind-boggling sometimes when you don’t see the guys behind you doing that,’ he said, after the Nets fell to 2-20. ‘That’s more hurtful than anything, is to not cheer your teammates on who are out there trying to get the job done. That’s the way I was taught to do it: Play together and root for your teammate, whether you’re in the game or not. The good teams do that. They stay together, no matter how the game is going.”‘