Rajon Rondo: ‘You Couldn’t Name Three People’ on Last Year’s Kings

by January 17, 2017

Rajon Rondo was last season’s NBA assists leader, this despite his claim that his teammates on a morbid Sacramento Kings squad were largely faceless nobodies.

Rondo hasn’t enjoyed his time in Chicago this season—he was tagged with five consecutive DNP-CDs from New Year’s Eve to Jan. 9.

There hasn’t been a whole lot of communication between the disgruntled veteran point guard and the Bulls’ front-office about his role and future with the franchise, but Rondo still believes he can play at an elite level.

Per NBA.com:

Rondo says he was told by a staffer that he wouldn’t name that the team was taking him out of the starting lineup “to save me from myself.”


And Rondo’s reaction? […] “I thought it was (bleep),” he said.


“It’s just, maybe, the personnel in this situation,” Rondo says in response. “I mean, last year — I hate to keep talking about last year — but you couldn’t name three people on my team, the Sacramento Kings, and I led the league in assists. You know? I don’t know. I believe so (that his skill set still has value), given the right personnel and the flow of the game.”

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