Rajon Rondo Playing 3-on-3 Without Doctor’s Clearance

by November 11, 2013
rajon rondo

According to Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge, Rajon Rondo has been hooping without his doctor’s permission as he recovers from knee surgery. Per the Boston Herald: “It’s fairly typical for any player recovering from surgery to accelerate his own comeback, which is why Ainge was a little surprised to learn from the training staff this week that Rondo has been playing one-and-one before road games. The Celtics president of basketball operations stressed (Friday) that this doesn’t mean Rondo has been cleared for full contact or scrimmaging. That decision is in the hands of Rondo’s surgeon, Dr. James Andrews. ‘He played 3-on-3 three weeks ago when he wasn’t supposed to,’ said Ainge. ‘But I asked (the training staff) if it was OK for him to be playing one-on-one, and the answer was yes. Of course playing one-on-one is one thing. It doesn’t mean he’s ready to play to the NBA standard.’ Rondo said he hasn’t been able to schedule a trip to Pensacola, Fla., to meet with Andrews, though it may happen soon. ‘The travel schedule is too crazy this week,’ he said.”