Rajon Rondo Says He Didn’t Break Hand at Trampoline Park

by September 30, 2014

Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo is sidelined for the next 6-8 weeks with a broken bone in his left hand. After being spotted at a trampoline park, fans and media became immediately suspicious about the nature of the injury.

A bemused Rondo gave a detailed explanation of what happened to local reporters, and the C’s front-office says they believe his version of the story.

Per the Boston Globe:

“Late Thursday night, I had a fall in my home,” Rondo confirmed. Upon further questioning about the injury, the Celtics captain playfully asked a reporter, “Am I under investigation?” before describing the nature of the fall.


“Certain falls happen and you slip,” Rondo said. “I slipped and tried to catch my hand. It wasn’t like a banana [peel] slip. I actually almost caught myself. I landed on my knuckle in the windowsill of my home. That’s what happened.”


“My daughter’s birthday was last Wednesday. I think the video that got out was of me at the trampoline park on Tuesday. I took my daughter, who had a birthday that week, to a trampoline park Tuesday. Sky Zone, I think. I did jump. I learned some new tricks with my daughter, had a lot of fun.” […] Rondo continued: “Thursday came, I took my kids back to a trampoline park in Billerica. [The workers] there were really nice, they let me in for free, so that was good. Then I went home, and that’s when the incident happened. It didn’t happen at the trampoline place.”