Rajon Rondo Says Skipping Game on His Birthday is ‘My Business Not Yours’

Rajon Rondo reportedly elected to party on his birthday instead of flying to Sacramento to watch his crummy Celtics play last weekend, and the defiant point guard says it’s no one’s business but his own. Per the Boston Herald:

He could still be fined, and he clearly upset some Celtics management types by celebrating his birthday in Los Angeles while teammates played in Sacramento last Saturday, but as far as Rajon Rondo is concerned, it’s nobody’s business.

“I haven’t really read much about it. I heard a lot of comments. Nobody knows the stories,” the Celtics point guard said after last night’s 115-104 C’s win over Atlanta. “You guys keep making up every story that you possibly can.”

Asked about what, exactly, that story was, Rondo said, “It’s my business. It’s not yours.”

Organizationally, though, the operative term now is “moving forward.” That’s what Brad Stevens plans to do after talking with Rondo earlier this week.

Rondo, who doesn’t play in the back end of back-to-back swings, wasn’t scheduled to play. But he also didn’t seek official permission, though Stevens acknowledged last night that he talked to Rondo about the choice before flying to Sacramento.

The problem, according to a source, is that Rondo didn’t ask for permission to stay. His family had flown to Los Angeles for a celebration, and Rondo informed Stevens that he was staying.

But Stevens said the matter is now in Danny Ainge’s hands. The Celtics president of basketball operations, currently on a college scouting trip, told the Herald on Tuesday that he will meet with Rondo when he returns next week. The team hasn’t ruled out fining the captain.