Rajon Rondo Says the Bulls are Tanking

by March 14, 2017

Rajon Rondo thinks the Bulls have a shot at the Playoffs this season, but the front-office is too busy plotting the future to truly go for it.

The veteran point guard will be a free agent this summer, and says Chicago is “experimenting” instead of chasing wins.

Rondo isn’t alone in his frustration with the direction of the franchise.

Per the Boston Globe:

“It’s different, it’s part of, it’s part of life,” Rondo said of his Chicago experience. “I thought it would be different, a lot different. Now it is what it is.”


What’s unsettling about Rondo’s situation is another NBA chance may not be guaranteed. Point guards are plentiful in the league and there a slew of them in the upcoming draft. So how many teams will need a 31-year-old with a history of issues with coaches whose last three stops have been disappointing?


“My perspective on things [has changed], I would love to be part of a winning tradition or winning culture,” he said. “I thought I was going to get that here. The people up top are going in a different direction as far as experimenting. It [stinks] when you have the opportunity to make the playoffs and they want to go a different route. I’m looking for a straightforward coach. That’s what I’m looking forward to the most, sitting down with a coach. I want to develop a relationship and see what his goals are.”

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