Rajon Rondo Was Joking About Beefing With George Karl

That was a good one, Rajon!

A surprised Rondo told the local media Wednesday that he was simply messing with them the previous night by claiming that there was tension between him and George Karl.

The Sacramento Kings head coach says that his point guard sure is one funny fella.

From the team website:

Rajon Rondo: “He was new and I knew I could have some fun with it…we haven’t butt heads at all, I want to make that clear.” […] On chemistry with team: “At the end of the day when we go back in the locker room, we’re [all] brothers. When we’re on the court as a team, we’re all for one another. We know each others personalities. Like I said; it’s kind of crazy how our chemistry has become so good in this amount of days.”


George Karl on his bond with Rajon Rondo: “You’re being tricked. Rondo’s hilarious. My relationship with Rondo is so good, if it gets better, I’d get scared. Rondo and I are going to have a lot of discussions, but it’s never been a problem. We’re searching for a better personality, searching for playing better together, searching for who’s going to play with each other, yeah, but training camp is a time for figuring things out. It’s just pretty amazing … you’re being tricked.”


On playing Rondo and (Darren) Collison together: “I like having two point guards on the court. Right now, if I finished a game, there’s a good chance they’d be on the court together.”