Back by popular demand.

by August 17, 2007

Farmer Jones’ sporadic, random-@ss mini-Links, take 2…

I keep my iTunes organized alphabetically, album by album. This is probably because I’m old and like to listen to albums start to finish. Sometimes, this is cool, like when Aesop Rock’s Labor Days leads into The Breeders’ Last Splash, or when Bad Brains’ self-titled classic (greatest album cover ever, BTW) segues seamlessly into Kweli’s Beautiful Struggle.

Other times, like when a double-disc set of Elliott Smith singing ever so sweetly about how he’s going to kill himself soon is immediately followed by N*gga Please, it is simply too much for the human mind to comprehend. Be careful how you set up your iTunes, is all I’m saying.

You need to read this. Make sure you click on the PDF at the bottom. This is not something you will regret.

Hey, basketball! Here’s Diesel playing pick-up with five Chinese guys who aren’t very good at basketball… and fitting right in.

F*ck what you heard: Brendan Haywood has star power. Or, a different tact: “Your job is your credit.” I did not know that, but Melo did. I’m so moving to Baltimore.

Here’s the guy I hated more than anyone in the world when I was 12 years old.

Alternately, here’s the guy I loved more than anyone in the world when I was 12 years old.

And here is the face of evil. If you have Elliott Smith singing about incurable depression and suicide in the background, it’s even funnier.

Have a great weekend!