Raptors Need to Toughen Up

by November 30, 2009

When he gets kneed in the groin and stared down by an opposing player, Chris Bosh would like for his teammates to stand up and do something. Really, he doesn’t ask for much: “There’s no other way to say it – we just got punked,’ said Antoine Wright, Toronto’s veteran swingman, a rare voice of outrage on a ho-hum club. ‘We’ve got guys standing over our best player, flexing, and it’s not something we can stand for. I was pretty frustrated sitting on the bench watching their whole team run out there on the floor and we only had our coaches up shouting and screaming at their players. I don’t like that.’ Said Bosh: ‘Yeah, I’d like to see the team more passionate. I look at their bench and they’re all up standing at half-court, and nobody from their team was down on the floor. I think we would react better to just be out there for one another and just stay together.”’