Rashard Lewis Open to Pay Cut to End Lockout

Many cite Rashard Lewis’ contract as one of the problems with the NBA’s current financial structure, and who can argue? He is scheduled to make a ridiculous $22 million this season after averaging 11 per over 57 games during the ’10-11 season. But Lewis is doing his part to try and get this lockout mess settled. The Washington Post caught up with Rashard in Vegas: “‘I’m willing to sacrifice my salary to get a fair deal,’ Lewis said after playing a game with Washington Wizards teammates John Wall, Jordan Crawford and Javale McGee here at the Impact Basketball Competitive Training Series. ‘It’s only fair.’ NBA Commissioner David Stern and the owners contend that a system that allows a player such as Lewis — who made his last all-star appearance 2009 — to make more money than any player not named Kobe Bryant is an example of a broken economic model that needs to be fixed for the overall good of the league. Lewis averaged 11.7 points and 5.1 rebounds per game in 57 games last season.Lewis believes he shouldn’t be blamed for the six-year, $118 million contract he signed with the Orlando Magic in the summer of 2007. ‘Talk to the owner. He gave me the deal,’ Lewis said. ‘When it comes to contracts, the players aren’t sitting there negotiating that contract. I’m sitting at home and my agent calls me, saying, ‘I got a max on the table.’ I’m not going to sit there and say, ‘Naw, that’s too much. Go out there and negotiate $20 or $30 [million] less.’ ‘ ‘I thought my agent did a good job of negotiating my contract, and at the time I was coming out of Seattle, averaging 23 points, playing well. It was perfect timing for me,’ Lewis continued. ‘At the same time, I understand the owners don’t want to overpay players, but you’ve got to do better negotiating. Try your best to save money.'”