Rasheed Wants to Read Donaghy‘s Book

The NBA doesn‘t want a book report from Wallace, but he‘s going to give them one anyway. He‘s the best: “Bad news for the NBA. Rasheed Wallace is getting the Tim Donaghy book. ‘I want to check it out and see what’s there,‘ Wallace said last night … Celts GM Danny Ainge passed on word to Wallace from the NBA that he should watch his critical statements, but the forward won’t bow to the request. ‘Either way they’re going to get me,‘ Wallace said. ‘If I don’t say nothing I’m going to get fined, and if I say something I’m going to get fined. So I might as well say something about what’s on my mind, what I want to say. They’re going to hit me up either way. I’ve been through that before in Portland. When I wasn’t talking to the media they were fining me. But then when I did talk to the media they didn’t like what I had to say, so they fined me some more. So I was like, ‘Well, (expletive), if you’re going to fine me I might as well say what the hell I want to say.’ When it was suggested he could offer a ‘no comment‘ to questions about officiating, Wallace said, ‘Yeah, I could do that, but I think I have to be honest when I’m asked a question. And what happened to freedom of speech? You know, I say what’s on my mind, speaking my freedom, and I get fined for it. It’s a catch-22 with that (expletive), man.”‘