Ray Allen Blames David West’s ‘Ego’ for Signing with Pacers

David West and the Boston Celtics flirted rather seriously a few weeks back, but ultimately, West decided to hook up with the Indiana Pacers instead. It’s a decision that doesn’t sit well with Ray Allen. Per ESPN: “West is coming off a serious knee injury, but according to Pacers president Larry Bird, the Pacers’ medical staff examined West and determined he had ‘one of the most sound post-surgical knees they’ve seen. He still has a long way to go in terms of rehab and conditioning,’ Bird said, ‘but even so, he looks great.’ The addition of West provides Bird and the Pacers with a promising nucleus that includes Danny Granger (although his name swirled in preseason trade talks), point guard Darren Collison (who played with West in New Orleans), Tyler Hansbrough and George Hill. West’s decision to choose that group over Boston’s three future Hall of Famers was a hugely disappointing and vexing development for the Celtics, who felt West’s skills would have nudged them back into championship contender territory … Count veteran Ray Allen among those who can’t believe West chose Indiana over Boston with such a slim difference in compensation. ‘I’m shocked,’ Allen said. ‘I don’t understand it.’ … Allen first heard of West’s potential interest in Boston last month when Allen was playing golf in Augusta with his private banker, who coincidentally also handled West’s financial affairs. ‘He told me how much I would love [West], that he and I were the same kind of guy — cognitive thinkers,’ Allen said. ‘He said West was interested in coming to the Celtics and would be willing to come for less.’ So why does Allen think West had a change of heart? ‘Once it got down to the end, I think his ego kicked back in,’ Allen said. ‘He wanted the dollars. I guess it comes down to ‘What is a championship worth to you?’ Think of all the guys who have made $20 million and could be considered one of the best ever, but they get chided because they never won. We [the Big Three] all had to do less when we won. We’re still taking less to make it work. But it’s worth it. No one can ever say to KG, Paul or me, ‘You guys never got your ring.'”