Ray Allen Happy for the Boston Bruins’ Title, But Also Angered

The Boston Bruins’ championship victory made Ray Allen think of the missed opportunities for his own team to hoist a trophy. From the Herald: “As much as I was happy for them, there was a bit of anger that I had,’ he said. ‘I would pretty much imagine that as an athlete you would feel that way, because that’s something we always shoot for – reaching that height. I’m extremely proud for them, for what they’ve done for the city of Boston. When you see it from the other side you realize how much bigger it is than yourself. You see how many people are rooting for you, and sometimes when we’re on our own little path, or our own little journey, you forget the intensity of the moment. It’s always a lesson that there are people rooting for you, and no matter how egotistical we may be as athletes, or as insular as we can be, these moments playing in Boston are bigger than us as individuals. When we won in ‘08, each person had to reflect back on his career and what this meant to us, but being in Boston made it that much more glamorous. To do what we did, and the history of this franchise, watching the Bruins win and seeing it from the other side as a fan, it makes you realize the enormity of the situation. It does help you move forward.’ Allen added that he ‘stayed away’ from watching the NBA Finals, admitted that he expected Shaquille O’Neal to retire, and that he naturally expects big things next year.”