Ray Allen Teaching About The Holocaust During Retirement

by May 02, 2017
ray allen holocaust

Ray Allen has been dedicating some of his time during retirement to educating others about the Holocaust.

As a new member of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum governing board, Allen spoke about why the cause is so important to him. Via The Undefeated:

I said, ‘The Holocaust is a lesson that we all need to learn so it doesn’t happen again.’


So, I took, from that day forward — every year, whatever team I played on — I would bring them to this museum.


And so, from then on and forward I’ve brought my family here. People just know I always come here.


It’s an important teaching tool, and we can never forget the moments that shape up, shape our country and where we come from.

Allen said became captivated with the Holocaust during his college days at UConn, and later visited the museum in 1998 as a member of the Bucks.

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