Raymond Felton Plans to Rejoin the Knicks on Saturday

by January 23, 2013

According to New York Knicks point guard Raymond Felton, there’s a very good chance that he’ll play again this Saturday. Per Newsday: “Felton, who fractured his pinkie on Christmas Day, was cleared Tuesday to dribble, shoot, pass and receive passes without wearing a brace. ‘Basically, I can use my right hand again,’ Felton said. He hasn’t been cleared for contact and practice, but he could be by Friday. If all goes well, it’s unclear whether Felton’s return will be Saturday, Sunday in Atlanta or next week. The Knicks’ doctors will make that decision. Felton was expected to miss four to six weeks; the Knicks are 5-6 without him. ‘If it’s up to me, I’ll play Boston [on Thursday],’ Felton said. ‘But they’re not going to let me do it because there’s a possible chance if I break it again, I’ll be out two months because they’re going to have to go in and have surgery. Everybody looks at it as a little pinkie and he shouldn’t be out. I fractured that pinkie in three places. I got three bones that shattered. If I mess it up again, I’m going to be out two to three months, so I’ll do whatever I need to do.'”