Raymond Felton’s Playoff Struggles

by April 23, 2010

Felton tells his local paper that he accepts full responsibility for not coming through so far against Orlando: “For the first two games of this Charlotte-Orlando NBA playoff series, Raymond Felton has been outscored and outplayed by the Magic’s Jameer Nelson. There are many reasons the Bobcats are down 0-2 in this best-of-7 series entering Saturday afternoon’s sold-out game in Charlotte, but Felton is one of the biggest. He will tell you that, too. ‘As a point guard, I put that blame on me,’ Felton said. ‘Some people would say it’s not your fault. But being a point guard, being a leader, you’ve got to blame someone. So put it all on me. I don’t care.’ I won’t put all the blame on Felton – you’ve got to leave some for Boris Diaw – but I’m going to ladle him out a large portion. Felton had a triple quadruple Wednesday night – four points, four rebounds and four assists.”