Reader Cecil Israel on the SLAM Curse

by reader Cecil Israel

First off, I love SLAM, you guys give me all the ball info I could ever want and the best articles ever.

The thing is, ever since you mentioned this SLAM curse, I’ve been keeping watch, and mostly hoping it does not work for the teams or players I enjoy. So far, it was good. D-Wade was fine, Big Ben was mostly cool, but you guys got them. Not just a player but an entire team, my team, the Pistons. You cursed the Pistons and their leader, Chauncey Billups.

Why would you say that the pistons would be playing in the finals before the Playoffs even started? Did you guys at least knock on wood when this statement was typed?? Also, when I first saw Chauncey on the cover I thought, “Wow good for Chauncey, finally some recognition.” The curse largely left him unaffected until halfway through the Cavs series.

I just wanna know why did you guys do that? If not for the fans, why did you keep quiet for Antonio McDyess’ sake? He is one of the few cool players that deserve a ring and don’t have one in my opinion.

I’m just saying…for next year please don’t assume anything. PLEASE!

SLAM responds:

While we appreciate your vigor and your obvious dedication to your team, please note that we also put Dirk Nowitzki, Shaq and Dwyane Wade on the cover this year with no apparent ill effects. So before you get all angry about the Pistons not making the Finals because we singled them out, worry less about us and more about Detroit’s GM not being able to assemble a bench.