Ref Joe DeRosa Suspended for One Game

by May 21, 2010

Note to all you other refs out there: it’s not a particularly good idea to toss basketballs at fans. The League will not take it lightly, as Joe DeRosa found out following Game 2 of the ECF: “The NBA announced Thursday that referee Joe DeRosa will be suspended one game following an incident with a fan in Orlando during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals. DeRosa, a longtime official and crew chief, will miss the next game he was scheduled to work. The incident occurred at halftime when DeRosa walked to the scorer’s table with fellow refs Marc Davis and Bill Kennedy. Several Orlando fans were getting on the officials, including Wyndham Vacation Ownership CEO Franz Hanning who walked up to the table to yell at DeRosa. The ref responded by tossing the game ball to Hanning, who tossed it back. The NBA said that Hanning was not ejected from the game, as had been reported.”