Reggie Evans: Blake Griffin Should Defend Himself, Not Count on Others

by April 23, 2012

Unlike many of Blake Griffin’s teammates and coaches, Reggie Evans thinks it’s up to Blake Griffin to do something about all those hard fouls from opponents. From the LA Daily News: “If Griffin wants the fouls to stop, according to Evans, he needs to take matters into his own hands and not rely on anyone else. ‘Blake is 6-10 and what, 240 or something? He’s a big boy. He should know how to defend himself out there,’ Evans said. It would be different, Evans said, if opponents were picking on smaller Clippers such as Chris Paul, Mo Williams or Eric Bledsoe. If that was the case, Evans and the other Clippers big men would gladly step up in defense. ‘But you’re talking about a big man helping out another big man, you know what I’m saying,” Evans said. ‘You’ve got to be able to defend yourself.’ Evans said he would not have let it get to this point, if he was on the wrong end of the physical play. ‘If I’m in that position people are not going to be doing me like that, you know what I`m saying?’ he said. ‘I ain’t gonna depend on no NBA to take care of it. My high school coach, he told me a way to get a person up off you. There is a way to get someone up off you. You can’t ask another big man to do it.'”