Reggie Evans: ‘Kevin Garnett Has Always Been a Chihuahua’

Evans says what everyone already knows — that KG, despite the histrionics, never actually wants to fight anyone — but he uses funny words to describe him. From the Toronto Star: “Asked a question about the limits of NBA trash talk, it wasn’t long before Reggie Evans was engaging in some. ‘I’d love to see Charlie and KG in the ring. I’d pick Charlie,’ Evans said. ‘I’ve seen KG get his ass whupped. … He’s always barking, and when it’s time to get physical, he’s always been a little chihuahua’ … Evans said that, although he has “a lot of respect” for Garnett, he is not scared of him. On Friday, practising some trash talk while analyzing its powers, Evans rattled off a series of incidents in which Garnett, who is listed at 6-foot-11, has directed his aggression toward smaller players. ‘Anthony Peeler,’ said Evans, referring to a 2004 incident in which the 6-foot-4 Peeler stung Garnett with a shot to the stomach and jaw. ‘I’ve seen KG pick on (Raptors point guard) Jose (Calderon). I ain’t never seen him bark up a bear. He’s always being a little chihuahua. When he’s got a pit bull about to get on him, I’ve seen him back down. … That’s why I’ll take Charlie in the ring.'”