Reggie Jackson Not Fazed By Upcoming Free Agency

by January 20, 2015

OKC Thunder backup guard Reggie Jackson envisions a bright future for himself in the NBA — one filled with All-Star appearances, championships, and perhaps a trip to the Hall of Fame.

For now, Jackson knows that he has to play well enough to earn himself a big contract.

The 24-year old guard will be a restricted free agent this summer, and says that making a tough business decision won’t rattle him.

Per USA Today:

Jackson’s situation is more complex than most because of his status as a restricted free agent, as the Thunder will have the right to match any offers that come his way this summer if general manager Sam Presti doesn’t send him elsewhere before the Feb. 19 trade deadline. The two sides couldn’t reach an agreement on an extension leading up to the Oct. 31 deadline, when Jackson was pushing for a Eric Bledsoe-esque kind of deal (the Phoenix Suns point guard was given a five-year, $70 million extension) and the Thunder were more willing to pay him Kemba Walker money (the Charlotte Hornets point guard signed a four-year, $48 million extension). The recent development in the Jackson-Thunder dynamic, it’s safe to assume, has only widened the gap between the two sides when it comes to his perceived value and potentially made it more likely that he could be dealt.


“My ultimate goal is always to win a championship … (but) whatever is the next move is the next move,” Jackson said. “I’m just going to be here and be the best player I can be, day in and day out. When I go on the court I hope it shows. I want to compete at the highest level, always trying to get better. But if you have to move, it is what it is.


“It’s funny. I don’t think the league likes to hear when players say that we understand it’s a business, but for (general managers) and owners they get to throw that card around. Like I said, I always understand that it’s a possibility, but I just enjoy playing the game.”