Report: Allen Iverson Wants Estranged Wife Jailed for Robbing Him

by May 31, 2012

The latest news from the messy domestic life of one Allen Iverson, is that of A.I. accusing his estranged wife of robbing him while he was out of the country. Per TMZ: “A.I. recently filed a motion for contempt in Georgia against his estranged wife Tawanna Iverson, claiming he had a basketball gig in Asia earlier this month and when he returned home, his house was totally gutted. According to the [legal] docs, Iverson’s wife infiltrated his home while he was gone — pillaging furniture, art, memorabilia and a large sum of cash. Iverson says he’s asked Tawanna several times to return the stuff — but so far, she’s refused. Tawannna and A.I. have been warring since she filed for divorce last year. Last month she requested a restraining order, claiming her ex was harassing and threatening her. Now, A.I. wants a judge to hold Tawanna in contempt for harassing him and throw her in jail, at least until she returns the stolen goods. He also wants an order barring her from entering the home.”