Report: Besiktas Executives Coming to US to Meet With Kobe Bryant

by August 03, 2011

There have been rumors flying around (and being shot down) regarding the likelihood that Kobe Bryant signs on to play abroad, specifically in Turkey, for quite a while now. Well, according to this report (translated by our friend Atahan Erim), the Lakers superstar and the Chairman and Head of Basketball Operations of Besiktas–the Turkish club hoping to sign Kobe—will be meeting soon enough to get this thing all figured out: “Turkish state news agency Anadolu Ajans reports that Besiktas’ billionaire Chairman Yildirim Demiroren will personally be making the trip overseas today to the US to meet with Lakers star Kobe Bryant and his agent. According to the report, Chairman Demiroren will be accompanied by the head of Besiktas’ Basketball Operations Seref Yalcin. The two are expected to finalize the negotiations Bryant on this trip. Although, there have not been any official numbers released regarding the offer made to Bryant, local media speculates that Beskitas will table a 6 month 5.5 million dollar deal to the 32 year old star.”

We just don’t know who to believe anymore…