Report: Billy Hunter to Meet With Players on Friday

by October 12, 2011

Players Association executive director Billy Hunter wants to make sure everyone remains on the same page now that the NBA has begun to cut the season short. Reports ESPN: “Union president Billy Hunter will meet with NBA players Friday afternoon in Los Angeles, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. After more than 12 hours of negotiations with the NBA Sunday and Monday proved fruitless, Hunter wants to begin meeting face-to-face with groups of players to explain the details of where the league and the union stand. Hunter had planned to meet with players in Los Angeles on Monday, but postponed that trip in a last-ditch effort to find compromise with commissioner David Stern. Hunter’s last regional meeting for players was held in Las Vegas, where roughly 40 players turned out. Despite attempts by prominent agents to promote decertification of the union and the hardships that lost games could create for some players, Hunter has been successful thus far in keeping the league’s 400-plus players unified.”