Report: Carmelo Anthony Only Waiving No-Trade Clause for Houston

by August 01, 2017

According to the NY Post, the Cleveland Cavaliers are no longer in play for Carmelo Anthony‘s services, as the All-Star forward reportedly “only wishes to waive his no-trade clause” to join the Houston Rockets.

So far, the Rockets have yet to come up with a trade offer good enough for the Knicks to bite.

Mike D’Antoni’s brother, Dan, believes Melo and his former coach could make things work in H-Town:

Phil Jackson is out as president, but the franchise’s strategy hasn’t changed much. A stalemate has ensued as sources indicate Anthony only wishes to waive his no-trade clause to go to the Rockets. Not even Cleveland, which is in turmoil, is good enough for Anthony as the Cavaliers are dealing with Kyrie Irving’s trade demand.


Hooking up with his buddies Chris Paul and James Harden in Houston has become Anthony’s priority. Even the prospect of playing again for former Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni has not deterred Anthony, who rebelled against his speed-ball offense and reliance on Jeremy Lin, leading to the coach’s resignation in 2012.


Dan D’Antoni, the former Knicks assistant, told The Post on Monday his brother will be able to move on from the rancor in New York.


“There were a lot of things that went wrong, but Carmelo is a heckuva player,” Dan D’Antoni said. “All I’m saying is Mike’s a good person. He understands people change, things change. Two things you can’t deny: Mike’s a helluva coach. Carmelo is a very good player. If those two see eye-to-eye, Mike and I are always optimistic things are meant to be. The next day is going to be better than the day before.”