Report: Cleveland Cavaliers Targeting Ray Allen

The Cavs’ latest move in a desperate attempt to land LeBron James, is reportedly going after fellow free agent Ray Allen. The soon-to-be 39-year-old guard, depending on who you listen to, may be leaning towards retirement. Per ESPN and Basketball Insiders:

The cap-clearing maneuvers would primarily allow the Cavs to make a max offer to LeBron James, but Allen could join the team under a team-friendly deal. The two players are good friends, and Allen has said he has a desire to continue playing alongside the four-time league MVP.


Allen made $3.6 million last year. He’d likely have to take a pay cut to join the Cavaliers, should they land James and pay him the max salary, which is $20.7 million for next season. If the Cavs want to pay Allen more, they’d have to clear additional cap space.


Allen has spent the past two seasons as James’ teammate with the Miami Heat. He was said to be considering retirement following the Heat’s loss in the NBA Finals, but sources said he has since changed his mind and is leaning toward returning for a 19th season in the league.