Report: Dominique Wilkins ‘Extremely Interested’ in Buying the Atlanta Hawks

by September 10, 2014

Thanks to the revelation of a racially-charged 2012 email from Atlanta Hawks majority owner Bruce Levenson, the team is now going on sale. And the greatest Hawk of them all reportedly wants to buy the franchise.

Dominique Wilkins is “extremely interested” in becoming an owner according to TMZ, and the Hall of Famer has partnered with another wealthy businessman to make a run at the mega-purchase:

Multiple NBA sources tell us Dominique is “extremely interested” in becoming the next owner of the Hawks — and has already been pre-approved for ownership by the NBA.


We’re told Wilkins — who has amassed his own small fortune over the years — has partnered up with a “very well-known businessman” who believes Wilkins would be the best person to lead the Hawks back to NBA glory.


Wilkins played for the Hawks for 12 years during his NBA career, and was a 9-time All-Star.