Report: Dwight Howard ‘Likely’ to Miss Playoffs Due to Back Injury

by April 18, 2012

A strangely sourced story out of Orlando claims that Dwight Howard’s back injury will keep him out of the postseason, and that he’s still peeved at his head coach (it’s worth noting that this from the same outlet that broke news of Howard asking management to fire Stan Van Gundy, before SVG confirmed the story.) Per WKMG Local 6: “According to his sources, Howard is still upset with Van Gundy confirming Pingalore’s report from earlier this month that Howard went to Magic management asking for Van Gundy to be fired. On Friday, the Magic had their physical therapist Ed Manalo travel with Howard to Los Angeles, where Howard went to have his back diagnosed. Dr. Robert Watkins, of Marina del Rey, California, diagnosed Howard with a herniated disk. After visiting Los Angeles, sources confirmed that Howard was adamant about joining the team in Cleveland but the Magic asked him to return to Orlando. Howard would eventually travel to Cleveland. However, Howard sat in the hotel for the game Sunday evening and rejoined the team as they traveled back to Orlando. ‘It was strange since that Howard wanted to go to Cleveland and offer support but never made it to the game,’ said [a source]. Howard would also likely sit out the postseason, according to the source.”